Saturday, February 15, 2020

Ready Player One Review by Naman Sodhani

Ready Player One is a novel by Ernst Cline about a contest in the future. In the year 2045,
humanity is in decline and everybody spends their day in a 3D simulation. However, when the
owner died, he left a will: a contest where you have to find an egg based on clues he gave about
his hobbies and interests. Whoever won got all his shares, all his money, and his house, worth
over 240 billion dollars. Therefore, Wade the protagonist searches for the egg along with the rest
of the Earth’s population. Using his wits, he finds the answer to the first clue and resparks the
race to find the egg. 
There are many subtle things about this book that make it a great read. For example, it has many
tidbits of information in the 1980s. It also had a genuine conflict that makes the reader wonder
if Wade can win the contest. Finally, the hopeful ending caps it off and makes the book even
better. The book has great world-building while building the vast Oasis universe. This was also
an intriguing read because of the quick pace of the novel. One moment he was in school, and
the next he got the first key to the prize.
Finally, this book also is trying to convey a message that would apply to many today: you
shouldn’t try to escape from reality into a virtual world. This applies to teens today since we
love our phones and we are on them all the time. However, if we can find happiness in the real
world, it is far better than staring at YouTube videos and games on the screen. After all, there is
a greater sense of satisfaction and friendship when you hang out in real life and play sports
instead of games like Call of Duty and Fortnite.
This book has everything you would want in a book, and it is a great read. I would give it a 10/10.

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