Saturday, February 15, 2020

Book review by Isha Patel of Macbeth by Shakespeare

Book review of Macbeth by Shakespeare

I think this is my favorite Shakespeare play. This is literally the book that got me into reading and watching Shakespeare's plays. 
No wonder this play is very well known.

It is definitely hard to comprehend the language but I did have an advantage as it was a book that I read in English class. My teacher explained it all so well. So definitely this play is not for all but if you have the chance and the resources then definitely give it a read.

It teaches a lot of life lessons so if you are looking for some advice then for sure read this play or watch it.

Along with advice,.there are a lot of weird events and incidents that happen in the play that a quiet frankly funny and you do not get to see in today's day and age like witches to moving forests.

There are so many characters but each one of them is so dynamic and has so much personality that it is almost like they are alive. It is a tragedy so numerous deaths do occur.

It is a story about Macbeth and how his uncontrolled ambition becomes very detrimental to his own life. All he ever wanted was to become a king but his unchecked ambition ruined it all for him. The story beginning with 3 witches who know the future and can fulfill prophecies. The number 3 is quite significant as it seems like everything revolves around this number. Lady Macbeth is even worse than Macbeth as she is the one who triggers him to commit immoral acts for her own gain in the first place but makes Macbeth believe that she is doing it for his gain. 

All Macbeth wants to do is become a king but it is bizarre that in order to be king, one has to be born by a C - section. Macbeth is not born that way but Macduff is so Macbeth wants to kill Macduff so Macduff doesn't become the king and Macbeth does instead. But the witches see something different is going to happen in the future. Will Macbeth actually become the king or will he be destined to the witches prediction?

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