Thursday, March 28, 2019

Rahul Sankaralingam Grade 11 article on basketball

On Sunday, March 24, 2019, the No. 1 seed Duke Blue Devils upset the No. 9 seed UCF Knights after a 76-77 point game. In the match, Zion Williamson, at just 18 years old, survived against 7’6 Tacko Fall. This matchup proved that pure skill can outmatch physical advantages, and it proved to be an impressive feat for Zion. For most of the game, the teams were sinking shots back and forth, keeping the score very close. At the last quarter, Duke was behind by four points. Williamson made a layup and he received an And1, but the free-throw was missed. However, RJ Barrett was able to get a rebound and get a shot in, giving Duke the score of 77 at just 11 seconds left. Williamson scored an impressive 32 points, and he had 11 rebounds and 4 assists all within the span of 40 minutes on the court. I personally believe that this match showed Williamson and his ability to work with his team. I believe that because of this, he will have a bright future in the NBA, and will definitely be a star player in the next few years. In brief, this game showed the true potential of Williamson as a player, and as a result, Duke will be moving to the second week of the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

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