Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A Midnight's Terror part 4 by Viresh Patel

“What happened guys. I got knocked out by a book.” said Lauren.
    “We know,” replied Ying.
    “So what’s in the book?” asked Lauren.
    “It says that a women named Elvira haunts this castle. All we need to do to stop her, is find the 8 queens prized possessions.” replied Cam.
“I don’t even know where to start looking,” said Chris.
“So are we trapped until morning?” asked Lauren.
“Yes,” replied Mark.
“If I find this Elvira, I will beat her down until she learns her lesson,” said William.
“Will you? Or will I?” said a mysterious voice.
“Who said that,” said Ken.
“You will never know,” said the mysterious voice.
“What do u want?” asked Amanda.
“I WANT YOU ALL TO DIE,” replied the mysterious voice. The lights flickered on and off. The whole castle started shaking. Everyone held onto the sofa.
“What is going on,” screamed Zoey.
“Look, something's moving in the kitchen,” said Catrine. Suddenly, the knifes and forks were lifted from the kitchen counter. They were pointed in the direction where everyone was standing in. The knifes and forks quickly launched towards them.
“Take cover!” screamed Chris. They all ran behind sofas and couches and hid themselves. The forks and knife stabbed itself against the sofas and couches.
“That was a close---,” said Ken. Just before Ken finished his sentence, the couches and sofas started floating in the air. They floated high into the air until it stopped at a certain point.
“MOVE OUT OF THE WAY,” screamed William. Everyone jumped and leaped from their spot. The couches and sofas descended from the air to the ground, leaving them to break into pieces of wood.
“That was a close one,” said Amanda.
“Is this castle trying to kill us,” screamed Ken.
“Obviously,” said Cam sarcastically. Suddenly, the ground started to shake.
“What’s happening?” questioned Zoey. The floorboards of the castle started ripping apart. Somewhere out of nowhere, 2 dark figured hands popped out of the floorboards. The hands were dark and extremely huge. They almost touched the ceiling. The hands were made out of very dark sand. Some of the sand was dripping on the floor.
    “Ahhhhhhhh, what is that!” screamed Lauren. One of the hands then started reaching for one of the guests. Everyone ran away to a different area. Ken and William hid behind the kitchen counters. Chris, Cam and Mark hid behind the lion statue located near the kitchen. Amanda and Zoey and Ying hid in the dining room. Catrine and Lauren didn’t have a place to hide, so they ran around the room looking for places to hide. Unfortunately, 2 of the hands spotted Catrine and Lauren and grabbed them both. They were lifted up high into the air.
    “Let me go,” Screamed Lauren as she pounded on the hand’s finger. Catrine was calm and decided to take care of the situation. She reached down to her heels and grabbed the taser. Her heels fell, but she didn’t care. Catrine turned on the taser and tased the hand. The taser shocked the hand and let Catrine go. She fell to the bottom on her feet. Lauren screamed and demanded to let her go. Catrine then ran to the 2nd hand and tased it. Lauren then was free. She fell on her bottom, but was ok.
    “Oh my god, that was the scariest thing that happened to me.” said exclaimed Lauren.
    “That was easy,” said Catrine. The hands didn’t like being shocked, so they went back into the ground. Everyone got out of their hiding place and went to Catrine and Lauren.
    “Are you ok,” asked Chris.
    “Sure,” replied Lauren.
    “So you guys want to play hard, ok. I WILL GIVE YOU HARD,” screamed the mysterious voice.
    “Uh-oh,” said William. Suddenly eleven ghostly girl figures came out of the ceiling, floor and walls. They all had black hair that extended down to their legs. Their faces were being covered by their hair. They had a white, bloody, ripped gown that they wore. They had no shoes and were the color of a gray wolf. The only thing you could see through their hair was their evil smile filled with blood. They all went and flew to each of the guests. They grabbed everyone by their necks and pinned them to the walls. Everyone was dangling 7 feet from the ground, getting choked by the ghost girls.
    “What’s happening,” gagged Mark.
    “We’re all going to die,” whined Lauren. The ghost figures then opened their mouths and started stealing everyone’s life out of their body. They all were suffering, until a bright light shined across the room. The ghost girls dropped everyone and left the room.
    “What is that light,” said Alice.
    “I’m a guardian,” replied the light. The light started to dim and reveal itself. It was a fairy. She wore a bright yellow dress with gold necklaces and earrings. She was small as a bird. She was very bright and spreaded glitter everywhere.
    “Who are you again?” asked Cam.
    “I am a guardian that seeks for help. I protect the evil within this world,” replied the fairy.
    “Can you help us stop this evil that is occurring right now?” asked Chris.
    “This evil that is occurring is the act of Elvira,” replied the fairy. “Right now, I can’t stop this evil that is occurring. Elvira is too powerful to stop. For now, I weakened her powers, so she doesn’t cause a big mess. She still will have control of the castle, but she won’t cause too much of a monstrosity. The only way, you can defeat is by gathering all of the queen’s and Elvira’s prized possessions.”
    “Can you at least help us look for them,” asked William.
    “I can’t. I have to go back to the heavens to track down more evil that is occurring.” replied the fairy. “Good luck to you all.” The fairy then disappeared in a flash.
    “So where do we start looking?” asked Mark.
    “How about upstairs,” replied Catrine.
    “Ok,” said Chris. They all headed upstairs to the 1st room they spotted. They looked around the room from top to bottom. They looked under the beds, in the bathroom and in the drawers. They found nothing.
    “What are we finding again,” said Alice.
    “A prized possession,” replied Zoey.
    “I don’t see any prized possession,” said Ying.
“This is gonna be hard then we thought,” said Cam. As they were all going to walk out of the bedroom, the door slammed shut in front of Lauren’s face.
“Ummm, what just happened?” asked Lauren. Suddenly, a black mist came from under the door. In less than a minute, the whole room was covered in black mist.
“Not this again,” complained Amanda. No one could see each other. They were all blind. Alice was walking around and bumped into Cam.
“Who is it?” asked Alice.
“It’s me, Cam.” replied Cam. They were both glad to see each until they felt something on their feet.
“What is that grabbing me,” asked Alice.
“Ahhhhh, get off me.” said Cam. The things that were grabbing Alice and Cam were zombie hands. The hands pulled Cam and Alice into the floor. They then disappeared. Meanwhile, Lauren and Mark were walking around, until they tripped and fell on the bed.
“Who is it?” asked Mark.
“It’s Lauren,” replied Lauren. 2 pairs of zombie hands came out of the floor and grabbed Mark’s and Lauren’s legs.
“Ewwwww, get off me.” screamed Lauren. She and Mark then were pulled into the floor. Ying was walking and tripped over a pair of hands. The hands then grabbed his feet and pulled him into the floors. Ken was looking for an exit, so he ran around the room. When he was running around, he tripped on the bed’s leg and bumped his head on the wall. The hands grabbed his legs and pulled him into the floor. Catrine was finding a way out, so she carefully walked across the room. The hands reached for Catrine’s leg. Catrine thought it was one of the ghosts, so she grabbed her taser and tried tasing it. Instead of tasing the hands, she tased William. William fell on top of Catrine after being tased by accidently. The hands grabbed Catrines and Williams legs and pulled them into the floors.

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