Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Midnight's Terror part 3 by Viresh Patel

-9:00 Pm-

Everyone stood outside waiting for their ride home.
“So how long until the carriages come?” asked Cam.
“I don’t know, they should be here by now,” replied Chris. They waited 5 more minutes for the carriages to arrive.
“Do you guys hear that?” said Alice. “It sounds like hooves stomping on the ground.”
“I hear it too. The horses are nearby,” said Ken. They moved their bodies a little bit and saw the horses. They were on the other side of the bridge.
“Come on guys, they’re right over there,” said Mark. They all quickly ran to the bridge. Ken was the first one to lead the group to the horses. As they approached the middle of the bridge, something happened. There were little cracks starting to happen at the side of the bridge. They expanded once they got to the middle. Suddenly, the whole bridge started to sink down. Rocks started to fall from the bridge to the ground. The bridge started shaking and collapsing into big and small pieces. Everyone ran for it. They ran towards the castle. Ken was just about to make it until he tripped. He went down with rocks. Chris saw Ken falling, so he jumped at the edge of the bridge and grabbed his hand. Chris was about to slip, so William grabbed his leg. Cam, Lauren, Alice and Zoey grabbed Williams leg, along with Ying, Amanda, Mark and Catrine grabbing each of their waists. They heaved and pulled as they brought ken back to the surface.
“Oh my god. That was so intense and terrifying,” exclaimed Catrine. Ken, Chris and William lied on their back, exhausted.
“This is no coincidence. This was meant to happen by some evil ghost or spirit,” said William.
“Definitely,” said Chris.
“So then, how do we go back home?” said Lauren.
“I guess we will have to stay at the castle overnight,” replied Chris. It then started to rain, so, everyone ran back to the castle, tired and wet. Lauren opened the door to the castle and entered. Suddenly, a book came out of nowhere and hit Lauren’s head. She passed out on the floor.
“What is this book,” said Alice as everyone was walking in
“I don’t know, but we better carry Lauren to the couch.” said Chris. Catrine and Alice carried Lauren and set her on the couch. Everyone then sat in the living room next to the fireplace to dry up.
“The title reads, ‘The Eight Queens’.” said Chris. The book was black with golden metal edges on the corner. The words were inscripted in a golden color.
“Come on, read it,” said Mark, impatiently. Chris opened the book and read it out loud.
“As you see, strange things are happening to this castle. This castle is enchanted by a curse discovered a long time ago. It’s only activated when it turns 9 o’clock, on July 9th 2017. This curse is very powerful due some very despicable queen. Now let me tell you a very vicious story about a queen who wanted all the power in the world.
Once upon a time, there was a very selfish queen named Elvira. She lived in a castle that was owned by her mother and father. One day, her parents went on a trip on a boat. What her parents didn’t know was that there was a terrible storm coming. As they were traveling, the boat was caught in a storm. The boat was hit by lightning and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. When Elvira heard the news, she cried for days. She was locked up in the castle by her parents will. Guards surrounded her castle to keep her safe. One day when Elvira was walking around in her basement, she saw something shiny. She went to the shiny object, but it was locked in a small chest. She got a hammer and broke the chest. In the chest, she saw a dagger. On the dagger there were words that were carved into it. It said, ‘The Death Dagger.’ She then went to her father’s notes and searched the files that said death dagger. She found it, so she read what it said.
‘The death dagger is a powerful weapon used to kill any living and non-living thing. It’s power is too much to handle. It can even kill a god. That’s why I hid so no one could harness the power. Anyone who holds this power shall be the most powerful person in the universe’
Elvira was surprised at what the dagger can do, so she picked up the dagger and went to her room. In her room, she found a flower, so she rubbed the dagger next to it. The whole plant died in less than a second. Elvira had a plan brewing out in her head. 10 years later, she was still locked up in her castle. She had a plan, so she invited some of her friends. She called 8 royal queens over to her castle. Their names were Queen Fire, Queen Earth, Queen Water, Queen Light, Queen Space, Queen Time, Queen Electricity and finally Queen Life. These were the queens that controlled the actions of the world. On July 9th 1973, they all got the invitation and arrived at the castle. As they entered, they were welcomed by Elvira. Elvira told the queens to sit at the dining table. They sat and wait for their food. Once the food was served, everyone started eating. Once they were done, Elvira went to the kitchen. She called Queen earth to help her reach for a jar, so Queen Earth helped her out. Once Queen Earth got close to Elvira, Elvira took the knife out of her dress and stabbed Queen Earth with it. Blood was dripping out and pouring. Elvira got a bowl and put it under the spot where it was dripping. She then dumped it in the sink. She carried Queen Earth and put her in the cabinets. She then went back to her chair. The queens wondered where queen earth was, so Elvira told them she was just washing her hands. Queen Light wanted to go to the bathroom, so she asked Elvira where the bathroom was. Elvira instead guided her to the bathroom. When they reached the bathroom, Elvira took her knife out and stabbed Queen Light in the chest. She hid her in the bathroom. Elvira went back to the dining room and asked Queen Fire if she could help her get ready for the ballroom. Queen Fire got up and helped Elvira. Once they went to the ballroom, Queen Fire turned around to face Elvira. Before she even got to ask what help was needed, Elvira stabbed her in the neck. Elvira dragged her body across the hall and stuffed her into the closet. There were only 5 queens left. She went to the dining room and told everyone to go to the ballroom. They all exited the dining room and entered the ballroom. Elvira said to everyone that it was time to dance, but something was missing. 3 of the queens weren’t there, so the other queens got suspicious. Elvira didn’t want the queens to get suspicious, so she turned off the lights in ballroom. One by one, Elvira killed the queens. She cut Queen waters head off. She then sliced Queen Spaces arm off and then stabbed are in the back. She stabbed Queen TIme and sliced her arm off. Elvira was on a killing streak. Two of queens were left. They knew what was up, so Queen electricity used her powers and turned the lights on. Once the lights were turned back on, two of the queen's saw all the dead bodies lying on the ground. Queen life tried to bring them back to life, but it was hopeless. They saw Elvira with a dagger in her hand, so they used all their powers on her. Before they could do that, Elvira threw the knife at Queen electricity. The knife stabbed her in the neck. She fell to the ground in pain. Elvira walked closer Queen Life. When she passed Queen Electricity’s dead body, she took the knife out of her body. Queen Life backed up, but she tripped on her dress. Elvira got up really close and said the words, ‘Bye Bye.’ Elvira then stabbed her as hard as she could on the chest. Queen life painfully died. Blood splattered everywhere, even on her face. She then took the knife and dissected on her chest. She put her hand in her chest and looked for her heart. After a couple of tries, she found it and found her pulled it out. All she needed was Queen Earth’s leg, Queen Fire’s leg, Queen Light’s stomach and Queen Electricity’s hair sample. After 5 minutes, she collected all the items. She quickly rushed to the basement with all the body parts. She put her dagger on the table next to her operation table. There was 8 tubes all ready for her to be loaded with the body parts, so she put them in the tubes. Once she was done with that, she hooked herself with all the wires that were connected to the tubes. All she wanted was the powers from the queens. She then could become the most powerful queen in the whole world. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming downstairs. It was the guards. The guards quickly ran to her and grabbed her arms and legs. two more guards tore the wires off her arms and legs and disconnected the machines. 4 guards carried a coffin and put it on the operation table. The guards then carried Elvira and put her in the coffin. Elvira screamed so much that it hurt the guards ears, but they still continued their work. They then took the coffin’s lid and put it on the coffin. They closed it and sealed it tightly. Then they put chains around the coffins and locked it. The 4 guards carried the coffin and put it inside the stone floor that they dug up. After it was placed, they covered the coffin with dirt and stones, like it was never even touched. That was the end of Elvira. The guards hid the death dagger somewhere, where no one could find it ever. This is the story of Elvira and the 8 Queens. This is what you're experiencing, right now. You’re experiencing Elvira’s awakening. Elvira has bonded with the castle and the objects living inside it. She can control anything and kill anything, but can’t have control over your bodies. She will still hunt for power and will do anything to get her full body back. To stop Elvira and her madness, you need all the 8 queens and Elvira’s prized possession. They are scattered around the castle. By 6 AM, the castle will sink into the ground including those who are in the castle. All you need to do is survive this night. This is going to be your worst nightmare ever.” The book the jumped out of Chris’s hand and exploded into pages. The book was set on fire. Everyone watched as the book crumbled down into ashes. Lauren then woke up.

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