Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Dear Heartbreak by Heather Demetrios et al; review by Isha Sajid, grade 9

The book Dear Heartbreak by Heather Demetrios mainly talked about the art of loving yourself. It started off fine, and the first few letters were enjoyable to read, but after you reached the fourth or fifth letter, it got repetitive. The point of the book was to make teenagers write letters to “Heartbreak,” and authors for YA books would write back to them. Sometimes the author would say a personal story that has nothing to do with what the teenager's problem. Most of the advice given in the book only applies to the teenager, and you couldn’t relate to most of them. Each specific message was good overall, but reading 15 of them will get boring and repetitive. I would rate this book a 3/5. It depends on the person who is reading the book. If you are going through some issues in your life, this book is perfect for you. The book gives plenty of advice to cope with the situation you are going through.

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