Saturday, October 27, 2018

Stress Busters :By Yashaswi Bhati

Stress Busters :By Yashaswi Bhati

Teenagers these days have so much stuff going around that at times it does feel a bit overwhelming.As a high schooler myself I can totally relate to it.We all feel this pressure to suceed,to compete and be our best in everything we do.Inspite of trying our best and working hard there’s always this fear of losing out something very important.All this can easily lead to stress.It can be very dangerous.It can lead to anxiety,lack of concentration,Higher blood pressure,weakened immune system ,depression,obesity and even heart disease.
Here’s few things I found on and I added some of my own thoughts and opinions to the list which I feel should be followed in our day to day schedules to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

1.Identify the source of stress :If you’re really feeling the pressure that you’re under lot of stress first of all try to figure out what’s the reason you’re feeling the stress.Is it cause of school work or extra curricular activities or family issues or bully issues in school or getting adjusted in new school or friendship issues,whatever the reason may be try to figure out what is exactly bothering you .

2.Talk through it:After identifying the reasons for your stress you should try to talk about it.Share about your feelings with someone you trust like your parents ,teachers or your best friend.Tell them what’s bothering you,take help if you need.Asking for help is in itself a stress buster.

3.Find Balance:Overall try to find the right balance.Dont overcomplicate your schedule.First start by making a list ,mark out things which are very important and had to be taken care of first and also other things which doesn’t need your immediate attention .Prioritizing your schedule really helps.Work smarter not harder.

4.Maintain a journal :Sometimes when you feel hesitant to share your feelings with someone else ,write it down in a journal or diary.Set aside few minutes at the end of each day to write about your day in the diary.You”ll see that really helps in relaxing your mind.

5.Healthy eating habits :Just like a car need good fuel to run smoothly our body need proper nutrients from healthy food.So no more eating junk food or skipping meals coz you don’t have time.Eat proper meal at proper intervals and you’ll never feel tired or low on energy.Healthy body leads to healthy mind.

6.Proper Sleep :A healthy body needs proper rest ,minimum of six to eight hours sleep.You can perform much better with a good night sleep.

7.Exercise and meditate: Excercise doesn’t have to be vigorous work out in gym ,but do what you like to do like walking,running or playing your favorite sports.

8.Me Time:It’s very important to take sometime off just for yourself.Pamper yourself with what your heart desires.Go out for shopping ,watch movie with friends or family ,read your favorite book or just hang out with friends.

9.Friend Time : A good friend support goes really a long way .Friends do really help in uplifting your mood.

10.Laugh out loud:Laughter is often the best medicine for any stressed out day.when you laugh your body releases these feel good endorphins.Life need not be complicated ,laughing out loud ,sharing jokes will make you feel not only relaxed but also energetic.

Take some time off each day and incorporate these stress busters in your daily schedules.Not only you’ll feel relaxed ,you’ll also feel more balanced and in control.Lifes to short to stress!!.

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