Thursday, October 11, 2018

My favorite mobile apps for High school & college students: by Yashaswi Bhati

My favorite mobile apps for High school & college students: by Yashaswi Bhati

It’s rightly said that life as school & college students is the most interesting & challenging part of our lives.With so much happening around us sometimes it seems so hard to find time for everything.
Ours is a mobile generation where there are these apps which can assist in our day to day tasks,but with so many options to choose from, the choice of that perfect app is again not an easy task.Although choosing the right app,depends on Individuals personal preference but as a high school student myself I would like to share list of my favorite mobile apps which will come in handy for any high school or college student.

1.Dulingo : I’ve never imagined learning a second language especially French could be this easy and fun.Its like playing games with this #1 app in language learning.It has helped me a great deal with my school French studies.Would highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in learning any language.

2.Tiny Cards: From the creators of Dulingo app comes Tinycards.Its a fun study companion which uses these colorful flash cards.I’ve recently started using this app alongside Duolingo to practice my language lessons.It has greatly improved in my language study.

3.Luminosity:I’ve been using this app for more than a year now.Just 15-20 mins every day.I must say it has definitely helped me,my mind reflux’s are much faster now.I can do calculations much quickly.Its a quiet exercise for our brain.

4.Khan Academy:One of my personal favorites.Its like having your own personal tutor at home for free.It has these bite size videos with step by step instructions which you can always pause,or go back as many times as you want which you can’t do in an actual classroom study.

5.Photomath:This app is fantastic!!With this app you can scan any math problem & it”ll instantly give you the answer.It also shows you step by step instructions.Isnt that cool !

6.TED: I use this app on my free time,It has so many interesting videos on range of subjects.My favorite ones are the motivational ones.They can really uplift your spirit.

7.Pocket: Also know to be as “Read it later “ app .Sometimes you come across these interesting articles,videos or images online but youre too occupied with something else at that time or simply not in the mood to read or go through the entire thing at once & wish to save it for later read there comes this handy app ,where you can just with one click save the entire thing for later read.Theres this another cool feature in this app that if you’re tired or you don’t want to stress your eyes you can use “listen page” feature of this app where you can listen,play,pause,rewind or forward the audio playback.Isnt that cool , or what eh!

8.Grammarly:This app has helped me a great deal throughout many years.It not only does help me in correcting my spellings but also fixes my grammar,punctuations and picks any wrong words it comes across.My lifesaver ,comes real handy when you’re trying to look professional while writing those emails for your teachers.

9.iFormulas:If you're like me for whom learning formulas can be overwhelming and always makes mistakes in them , than this app is for you.iformula has 1000’s of these formulas all at one place .Perfect for last min cramming.

10.Todait : Time management & making schedules has been the most challenging task for me until I found this app.Its a really smart study planner maker app .It automatically divides your time , set the alarms, and track the progess.This app has made  my life much systematic, would highly recommend.

These are my top ten tried & tested favourite phone  apps , which I would highly recommend to any high school or college student.These apps has made my life much organised & helped me a great deal in my studies & my overall development.If you have your favorite apps do share about them in the comment section below.We all are sailing in the same boat, its not a very smooth ride & can use every bit of support from each other .

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