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Viresh Patel A Midnight's Terror, part 1 (an original story told in several parts)

Viresh Patel

A Midnight's Terror, part 1

Chris. Chris Tremaine. A name that no one could forget when being invited to the an overnight party. It all started with his earlier life, before inviting people to the party. Chris worked as a magician. He lived in the US doing small magic acts, but when he moved to U.K, it was completely different. People over there didn’t care about magic. Chris had a tough time getting people’s attention. Over the months, he developed complicated tricks that were eye catching to him. Chris started his own show called, ”Tremaine’s Terrific Tricks”. On the first day, about two hundred people came to visit. They told their friends and word passed on. About seven hundred came on the second day. He hired five people to be apart of his act and caused a whole auditorium of people to fill up. He made millions out of his show. By the tenth day, the whole room was filled up to watch his show. Chris performed acts one by one to get the audience pumped. This was when things went wrong. He called up an audience member and told her to sit in a chair. Once the she sat down, he gave her an apple and told her to eat it. Chris told her that the apple was enchanted and that when she ate it, the apple would reappear in his magician hat. As she ate the apple, something happened. She began to choke and hurl as if she was poisoned. She fell out of her chair and in less than a second, she died. The whole crowd gasped and ran for the exits. The police came in and arrested Chris and carried the body to the hospital. He went to jail for murdering/poisoning a women. He stayed in jail for four years and had to close down his own business.

      -4 Years Later-

As Chris got out of jail, he hid away and went far away in the woods, near a hidden lake. Staying there for a couple of months, he built a temporary home. Time passed on and Chris had nothing to do. He hunted for food and slept in an uncomfortable cave. He stayed there for years, never meeting any new people.
One day as Chris was wandering deeper into the woods, he found a golden string on the ground. He pulled it and followed it across the woods until he saw a huge, hidden castle. It started to rain, so Chris ran to the castle. He ran across a hundred yard bridge and through a beautiful garden with different types of flowers. As he got to the door, he opened it and closed it behind him. Inside the castle was a dark living room with no light. Searching through the drawers, he found a match and struck it on a piece of wood, causing it to light up into flames. He then converted the fire to a piece of wood. Chris explored the castle and discovered different areas for him to settle in. There was plenty of food for him to eat for at least 4 years. Finally, Chris decided for this to be my home. From there on, this is where he lived.
-2 Years Later-
-Present Time-

It was a castle. A beautiful, enchanted castle. A castle, Chris cleaned and decorated himself. That’s where Chris invited everyone to have dinner, a dance and an overnight party. Giving this invitation out to his friends gave him another chance to redeem himself. The invitation went like this:

“Dear lovely friends,
You are invited to come to castle for a dinner party, a ballroom dance, and a sleepover. We can meet up again as a bunch of friends and party all night. There is food and games we will be playing tonight. So come along on this beautiful night, to join me in a wonderful party. Stand outside your door at 6pm and don’t be late. There will be a fancy carriage that will be taking you to the castle. Please wear formal, fancy and elegant type clothes to suit the party. Have a safe trip and I hope you come.
Sincerely Chris”
As Chris was done writing his invitation, he gave it to the birds and told them to give it to all of his friends. The birds did what they were told and flew off to their destinations. The first invitation Chris wrote to was for his dear friend Ken. A childhood friend ever since they moved on to different career choices. Ken is an engineer. He works for NASA and helps them build space shuttles. He is a handsome man that attracts many people as he works.
The second invitation Chris wrote to was for Cameron. For short, he calls her Cam. She is famous photographer that takes pictures of fashion models and puts them in magazines. She works for a famous company called, “DesignIt”, and helps them run a successful company.
The third invitation Chris wrote to was for Mark. He is a cars salesman. He sells expensive cars and has his own company called, “Fusion”. Fusion is a car name and sells them for a hundred thousand dollars to those who can afford it.
The fourth invitation Chris wrote to was for Lauren. Lauren is a fashion model. She models clothes that the fashion designers make. Lauren and Cam are both best friends. They both work at the same company and work for the same people. Lauren models clothes that one of her workers makes.
The fifth invitation Chris wrote to was for William. William is a rapper. He has his own album and has his own studio for producing music. He raps and makes up his own song. He has over fifty songs and five albums. Most of the time, he comes onto different radio channels and raps his own song.
The sixth invitation Chris wrote to was for Zoey. Zoey is a Youtuber. She creates different videos each day to entertain people. She has about fifteen million subscribers and goes around the world, visiting her fans. Her youtube channel name is called, “DarkMist”. Zoey creates family friendly gaming and challenge videos.
The seventh invitation Chris wrote to was for Ying. Ying is Kung Fu master. He teaches kids and adults kung fu. He has his own dojo called, ”Kung Fu Ying”. Most of the time, he travels around the world, learning different techniques about Kung Fu.
The eighth invitation Chris wrote to was for Amanda. Amanda is a college professor. She teaches kids accelerated calculus for kids who want to have a bright future. Amanda teaches at Scholar college, the number one college in the whole world. Amanda is one the smartest teachers there ever existed.
The ninth invitation Chris wrote to was for Alice. Alice is a journalist. She writes for the newspaper and the magazines. The company she works for is called, ”London Times”. She takes photos of events and writes it in the paper. She also takes pictures of famous hollywood celebrities and puts it in the magazine to write an article about.
The tenth and final invitation Chris wrote to was for Catrine. Catrine is a detective/officer. She helps catch criminals and solves mysteries at the police department. When things get suspicious, she makes a case for it. She is a tough woman and has dreams of creating peace in the world by eliminating crime.
The birds delivered the invitations and came back for their dinner. It was almost time for the guests to arrive. It was 5pm and Chris’s animal friends were helping to set the place up. The birds set the plates for dinner. The bears helped set up the guest rooms. The deers helped mow the lawn and the wolves licked the floor to clean it. It was like these animals were enhanced through a spell. Chris went upstairs to his bedroom and got ready. He wore a black suit with a black vest and a white buttoned undershirt. On top of the vest, he wore a red bow tie and black pants to go nicely with with suit. It was 5:15pm and there was still one hour until the guests arrived.
Meanwhile, at Cam’s house. Cam was getting ready for the party and was deciding which dress to wear. She didn’t want everyone to think that she was poor, so she chose the purple dress with red diamonds on the top. The purple was sparkling and reflecting the light off the dress. The diamonds would bang on each other causing a calming sound. The dress came up to Cam’s foot when she wore it.
“Alright, time to get to the party,” said Cam. She then waited outside for 10 minutes until a red and golden carriage came with two beautiful horses. Cam opened the door and hopped in, ready to go.
Ken was dressed and ready to go. He wore a maroon suit with a rose in his upper pocket. Hew wore a maroon pant and had a white buttoned undershirt. He was ready and excited to party with his friends. He stood outside his house waiting for a fancy carriage to appear. In less than a minute, a fancy carriage popped out of thin air and stood in front of him.
“Well, what a surprise,” said Ken and he hopped into the carriage.
Alice put on the finishing touches to her dress and looked in the mirror.
“I look more beautiful than a flower,” complemented Alice to herself. She wore a orange dress with golden flowers around her dress. She had a fancy gold necklace and a diamond centerpiece on her dress. She also wore blue and yellow rectangular glasses. To go with her dress, she wore red high heels. She twirled around in her dress to see if it was perfect. Alice then went out to wait for her ride. When she came out, a golden and red carriage was waiting for her. She opened the door and sat inside. When she went inside, she saw a bright golden key next to her. So she took it and put it in her pocket and rode on.
“My new suit will show what people what I’m made of,” said Ying. Ying wore a white suit with gold buttons. Underneath his suit, he wore a blue plain shirt. He wore white pants and black polished shoes. With his white suit, he had a red napkin in his pocket. No one could recognize him a kung Fu master. As he was putting on perfume, he heard horses. He went out to check and saw a carriage with two beautiful white horses.
“Well, this is fancy way to invite a guest,” complemented Ying. He locked his house and stepped in the carriage. The horses then took him away.
William was in his living room watching T.V, until he looked at the time. It was 5:45pm. William got up and went to his bedroom. He looked around in his closet and found the perfect clothes to wear to the party. He picked out a gray striped suit with a white buttoned undershirt. With that, he took his black pants and decided to wear that. He took out his black shiny shoes and his golden necklace and wore it. In less than a minute, he was all dressed up. He then straightened his hair and wore his gray and black fedora. He then went out and saw a carriage waiting for him.
“I bet this party’s, gonna be awesome,” said William. From there on, he stepped in the carriage and rode away.
Zoey laid back and relaxed after she was dressed up. She still had 5 minutes to spare. Zoey wore a black sparkling dress that gave a enchanted look. She wore green emeralds on her dress near her neck. She had a matching black pearl necklace to go with the dress. She wore black flats and a green bracelet. The dress extended up to her feet. She was ready to go. Zoey was thinking if she should vlog at the party. Instead, she didn’t want anyone their secret party. Zoey headed out when the time was right. When she stepped out, she saw a carriage.
“Fancyyyyy,” said Zoey in a teen girl voice. She sat inside the carriage and the horses pulled the carriage away.
Mark was fixing his car, when he realized he had to go to a party. He quickly finished fixing his car and quickly went to his wardrobe and picked out a outfit. He decided to wear a blue suit was a gray vest and a white buttoned shirt inside. He took out black pants and black polished shoes to go with it. Mark fixed his hair and straightened himself. He quickly ran out the door and saw a carriage waiting for him. He thought it was a old way to transport a person from one place to another, but he didn’t care that much. He opened the door and hopped in the carriage. The horses took him away.
Catrine was practicing her aiming with a gun on a dummy. When she was done, she went upstairs to her room and changed her clothes. She wore a light blue dress with sparkling beads from the top of her dress to the hip of her dress. From there, the dress extended down to her heels. She wore a golden necklace and turquoise heels. She also wore black stockings that went up to her knees. After she was done, she went to her office and grabbed her gun. She put it in her stockings which was covered by her dress. She then took her taser and hid it in her heels. She walked out of her house and stood near her garden. There stood a carriage waiting for her. She opened the door and got on board. The carriage started moving and took her away.
Lauren started posing right after she wore her dress. She wore a red dress with golden laces near her neck. Near the hips of the dress was golden beads that wrapped around her. The dress then extended to her ankles. She wore golden slippers and a gold necklace. She also curled her hair to look more fancy. Once Lauren was done posing, she went downstairs and outside. She sat down on a bench and waited for her ride. A carriage then popped out and stopped near her.
“This is more than I expected,” said Lauren. She stepped in the carriage and sat down. The horses slowly walked and then gained enough speed.
Amanda was sitting on her couch reviewing her lesson plans for her students. She dropped her book and went upstairs to get ready. One minute later, Amanda was dressed and ready. She wore a emerald green dress with a tide dye of light blue. Her dress had five blue diamonds near her hips and four diamonds near her neck. They reflected the light off her dress. The dress extended down to her feet. She wore black flat shoes that sparkled. She also wore a golden necklace that matched her dress. Once she was done, she walked downstairs sat down on her couch. She still had five minutes, so she made some changes in her lesson plan. Once she was done, she went out and saw a carriage near her door. She got on closed the door. The horses rode her away. Everyone was on there way to the castle to have a fun time...

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