Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BOOK REVIEW : Alex Approximately By Jenn Bennett BY SULPHIA IQBAL

BOOK REVIEW : Alex Approximately
By Jenn Bennett

This book was very clique, similar to You’ve Got Mail, and is basically like any other contemporary out there. I thought I would like it, and I did in the beginning, but after a while it got really boring. This ended up going into my list of DNF books. ; (

So Bailey moves in with her dad, who lives in California, which is completely of the ordinary. The fact that the guy she’s been texting with through this movie website thing for the past few months lives in that exact same town is not (because wow what a coincidence. That was totally not done on purpose, Bennett ). Bailey and Alex ( the fake name of this anonymous guy ) are huge movie bluffs and best friends, yet have never before met each other. When she moves in, she doesn’t tell Alex, but attempts to find out who he really is. MEANWHILE, she’s working at this museum where she makes a few friends and really hates this guy named Porter Roth, who later becomes a friend (HMMM…..not suspicious at all). The story mainly focuses on Porter and Bailey (naturally).

The ending was really obvious. It legit just says it in the synopsis. And the title (Like more obvious than “And Then  There Were None”). That was a big problem. Plus, it got really really really boring. The only things enjoyable in the book was the banter between Bailey and Porter and Bailey/Alex’s love for old movies. It actually inspired me to take on a hobby of watching older movies.

This book was the  super-clique-and-at-the-verge-of-cringe type. I know some people out there like those types of books so I guess you could read it? To any fantasy readers, I warn you to steer away.

Check it out at the library and goodreads :


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