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BOOK REVIEW : Wanderlost
By Jen Malone

Wanderlost is a fluffy contemporary about a girl named Aubree who explores the world (literally) through a journey of self-actualization after making a terrible mistake. After deciding to have a party at her house the last day of high school, the police arrive and arrest her older sister, Elizabeth, who was trying to cover up for Aubree. Now, before you think wow, what an amazing sister and all, you should know that Elizabeth is that perfect child, the kid that everyone envies for the smarts, looks, and athletic abilities. And while she was all that, her relationship with Bree wasn’t as close as you would think.

Anyway, for Elizabeth getting arrested meant not being able to travel out of the country, which meant she could no longer take on her summer job as a bus tour guide in Europe -  something that could potentially land her a great recommendation for the job she planned her whole life for. Deciding this was her chance to mend her relationship with oh-so-perfect Elizabeth, Aubree agrees to take on the tour guide position disguised as her sister. Aubree who has never been out of her little town in Ohio. Aubree who doesn’t know the first thing about leading a bus tour through anywhere, much less Europe.

I absolutely ADORED the characters in Wanderlost.

1.THE SENIORS: The bus is basically filled with these seniors citizens and OML they’re just HILARIOUS. At the beginning, Bree was very cautious and hesitant in approaching the passengers. She had no idea how to deal with seniors or anyone for that matter, nor had she ever been anywhere overseas, so she was obviously way out of her zone. Yet towards the end, her relationship with them grows significantly and they become like second family to her.

2. THE MC HERSELF. Aubree was a very interesting character to me. She grew so much as a character, from that worrying girl who was way out of her zone in a place that was thousands of miles away from where she’s lived her whole life, to a strong young lady that was able to find her place and her purpose, leading a bus tour ( that is not simple feat, folks ) through Europe. Another character  whose relationship with Aubree evolved, was her sister Elizabeth. It’s no surprise that Aubree felt pressurized to do her best on this journey, to do things as perfectly as Elizabeth would’ve. I could understand that Bree desired appreciation and gratitude from her sister, yet said sister never seemed to get it. Thankfully, by the end of the book, they were finally able to understand each other and open up about their feelings. *sheds fake tear*

The events that kinda led to everything that happened is kinda unrealistic, but I still loved it. I didn’t really like the fact that Aubree kinda had to keep her identity a secret from Sam (a friend she makes in Europe who’s actually her age) it’s so clique, really. Girl keeps secret. Guy finds out ONLY IN THE END. Guy gets mad. Girl finds Guy. The make up. But everything was else good :)
If you’re feeling down or like you don't feel reading anything that intense, this book has the perfect amount of fluffiness to do the job. It just makes you smile and laugh, a break from all that fantasy ( yes even reading needs reading breaks ).

ALSO: It must be noted that this book will cause major wanderlust and make you want to go to Europe right now.

“The thing is, this trip is forcing me to get to know myself more than I've ever had to at home, where everything is comfortable and easy.”
― Jen Malone, Wanderlost

“I hear the soft strums of the guitar music from a street cafe
 a little ways off and feel the uneven cobblestone under my sandals.
      This place is magical. All of it.”
― Jen Malone, Wanderlost

A fluffy contemporary for anyone who likes a good book about wanderlust and funny characters.
Check it out at the library and goodreads :

RATINGS: 4.5/5

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