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BOOK REVIEWS : Everlife Trilogy (books 1-Firstlife & 2-Lifeblood) By Gena Showalter BY SULPHIA IQBAL

BOOK REVIEWS : Everlife Trilogy 
(books 1-Firstlife & 2-Lifeblood)
By Gena Showalter


The Everlife Trilogy is very similar to a science fiction version of Romeo and Juliet, yet its focus is not completely on the forbidden relationship ( THANK GOD ). In this world, your death is known as Firstdeath and the life lived up to that point is *GASP*  Firstlife. After Firstdeath, you have three options: You can choose to live your Secondlife in one of two realms ( Myriad or Troika ) or simply not choose at all and be placed in a realm where you live and die miserably every day. So, like, what’s the big fuss? Can’t you just pick either world and get on with it? Yeah, no. Conveniently, these two realms are at war and which one you choose actually matters.

Enter Ten, the MC of the series who has yet choose the world of her Secondlife. Myriad and Troika kinda get fed up and take matters in their own hands. They send two of their people, Killian from Myriad and Archer from Troika, to ultimately convince Ten to choose their realm. No pressure on Ten right? Yeah, well whatever world Ten chooses will win the war, because according to Archer she’s a conduit. So yeah, she’s a special snowflake who can change EVERYTHING. pressure there.

( SIDE NOTE : The idea of having the concept of a Firslife and Secondlife is actually pretty clever. Like, living a life and then dieing only to be like “WAIT! I'M ALIVEEEEEEEE” and do it all over again. )

Ten is kinda stubborn. She is not going to let her feelings get in the way of a decision that can change her life, literally. So while her heart wants to go to Myriad, she knows it’s not what she is supposed to do.

The book as a whole got very repetitive. She would try to make a decision, then would almost get incinerated for just thinking about it. She would ask for more time, and then almost get killed for that. And the process continues. The book seemed like it would NEVER STOP. Like Ten, get a hold of yourself and make a decision already. Eventually, she does. At the very end.*SIGH*

( ALSO: TEN. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW RIDICULOUS THAT NAME IS ? That’s like “Honey, you like books? I’m going to name you Book ?????)

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