Friday, October 2, 2015

Tiger's Curse review by Aneesha Kodati

The tiger's curse is a an exciting start to a bestselling trilogy. The plot starts with 16 year old Kelsey looking for a summer job and yes, the best summer job that she could find was at the circus. The circus houses a rare tiger that Kelsey grows to like. Then, she finds out about something that will change her life forever. Not be a spoiler or anything but the "tiger" is a young Indian prince with a scarring past. He has faced things and more importantly people that want him dead, but at the very verge of death the curse is made.

I feel like this book is a mix of all the greatest adventure novels that you could possibly find. It is a nicely set plot and has an amazing flow to the words. I absolutely loved it!

Review by Aneesha Kodati

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