Friday, October 9, 2015

Article about Egypt & Nefertiti by Annamika Dua

I recently read an article named “Have Egyptologists found Nefertiti’s long-lost tomb?”, by Ian Lee. This article was about how archaeologists think that they may be very near to finding Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen who was lost for thousands of years. Nefertiti was the queen of Egypt, many years ago, along with her husband Amenhotep IV. But after ruling for 12 years, she suddenly vanished. Some people thought that she was still alive under a new name, while others thought that she had died. Nicolas Reeves, an archaeologist, believed that Nefertiti may have been located in the same tomb as the famous King Tut. Reeves noticed hieroglyphics on one of the walls in the tomb, which were similar depictions to ones described in other works. In order to prove his hypothesis he wants to use thermal imaging which could help reveal what is behind the wall. Reeves does not want to cut or destroy the wall because it is a part of King Tut’s tomb, and as of now they are not even completely sure whether something is behind it or not. What they do know for sure is that if they do find Queen Nefertiti, it will no longer be the tomb of King Tut, but the one of Nefertiti. I, personally, found this article pretty interesting. Egypt’s pyramids and it’s history are always interesting topics in my opinion. I think that if they do find Nefertiti, it will be a new step towards finding even more Egyptian kings and queens. Especially with so much more new technology, I think it will keep getting easier for us to find more things from older times. In the future, I would like to learn more about the history of Egypt and what happened to it’s kings and queens.

by Annamika Dua

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