Friday, October 2, 2015

Digressions on Life By: Harrison Chiu

Digressions on Life
By: Harrison Chiu

Although it seems strange given my limited experience, I would like to explain an approach towards the meaning of life. I pose my opinion on this psychological/philosophical topic through a philosophical approach; I hope that it seems valid and that you appreciate it. More readings on philosophy can be found on:
1.      People are divided into two primary categories: those who are content with their lives, and those who are not content with their lives (perhaps a black and white fallacy, but a mostly true generalization)
2.      People tend to seek contentment
3.      Those who are content do not seek anything else (2, 3)
4.      Meaning in life provides contentment through purpose
a.       This is the psychological component
5.      Those content with their lives do not need to seek meaning within their lives (2, 4)
6.      Those not content with their lives attempt to seek meaning within their lives (1, 3, 5)
a.       Hence the big question, “the meaning of life”
7.      In this way, seeking meaning within life implies an inherent lack of content with one’s life (7)
I suppose the point of presenting this argument is to pose the question: What is your meaning in life? What do you find most important to you?

In all the confusion and drama and scramble of life, it’s important not to forget about what’s important.

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