Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow Days by Joshua Liao

Snow Days

            It is the middle of February right now, traditionally the coldest month of the year for New Jersey residents. Every day it seems, the temperature hovers right around the magical 32 degree mark where rain turns into the lovable snow that brings the cancellation of school and jobs alike. Kids might not remember the date that their project is due next week, but they seem to have an instinctive knowledge when an impending snow day is about to take place. The night before, when the snow first begins to come softly down, there are excited texts and social media posts as everyone anticipates a cancellation of school. Then, as they sleep through the night, the snow accumulates on the ground, leading to the joyful moment where the superintendent’s prerecorded message plays on the answering machines of every single student across town at 5 AM, bringing the wonderful news that school will not be in session for the day. Then fun begins. Old snow boots dusting in the closet are brought out, snow pants are put on, and friends are excitedly contacted. Kids bring out the shovels, race through their driveways and front walks, then run off with a sled to meet their friends. Worried adults try and brush the mountains of snow off their cars before they can get out and run their errands for the day. The sky is filled with an expanse of large, dark grey clouds that for once brings good news. School is out for the day, kids are out to play, and the landscape is covered in a beautiful white blanket. Such is a beauty of a snow day.      

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