Friday, February 20, 2015

Poem by Harrison Chiu

Harrison Chiu

I followed him, a shadow and Master
Up the limb, high over the bank
Climbing behind, always behind
In every contest, behind him

Come out a little way, said he
And we’ll jump side by side
I know I dragged you away,
But I can’t come, by myself
Will we go together?

I started to speak
But something held me back
The truth, perhaps, the damned truth
Voices, in my head, whispering
You are not the same quality as him
I am not the same quality as him
You are equal in enmity
We are equal in enmity

No, not even equal in that
Behind, always behind
No justification, no sustaining thoughts
I couldn’t stand this

I, the shadow, jounced the limb
And watched another shadow fall
Something overcame me, yes
That was it!
It wasn’t me, no
That couldn’t be it

 Could it?

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