Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is Amazon's latest gadget. It is a Siri without the need of an iPhone. I recently stumbled upon this nifty device on YouTube where Amazon demonstrated its abilities. It is a cylinder that is extremely smart! The Amazon Echo is both a device that listens to you and responds to you. It is like a new member to any family. The Amazon Echo can be programmed to work on commands such as a name. You can set a certain name for it and whenever it hears that name it will wake up and listen to your command or question. The cool thing about it is that it can tell a lot of things such as spelling of words, facts, and play songs just to name a few. It is able to do all this through it being connected to the cloud. It is such a great value not only because of the features it has but because of its price. The price is only $99 for Amazon Prime members while non members have to pay $199. In both conditions it is a great device for the value considering all the things it can do. I think I will end up getting Amazon Prime just to buy the Echo but there is a downside to it. Since it is being offered at such a great price Amazon has made the Echo invite only. They will only sell to the people they invite to try out the device which is a big downside.  If anyone is interested in the Echo I would suggest watching Amazon’s demonstration video either on YouTube or If you’re able to get your hands on the Echo I would strongly suggest buying it!

Aman Tomar

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