Wednesday, November 12, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus Review

iPhone 6 Plus Review

Having owned the iPhone 6 plus for close to two months I want to give my impressions on it. The iPhone 6 plus is a great phone, it certainily keeps up with cunsomers expectations from Apple. For me I used to be an Android user and what made me make the switch to iPhone was the simplicity of it. The new ios8 is great on the iPhone 6 plus with its easy to use design and very responsive interphase. The main issue I was having with my Android phone was freezing. The new A8 chip in the iPhone 6 plus makes the device run very smoothly and so far I have not expierenced any lag or freezing issues. The phone is great it certainly complies to Apple's standards. The iPhone 6 plus is also great as it has such a big screen. It certainly replaced my kindle for me and now I often use my iPhone to read e-books. Its like a laptop and phone all in one device. All though it does have many good features with its big screen it also makes it have a downside. Now I have not had any probems with the phone bending in my pocket like others have claimed but the big size makes the phone very noticible. Yes it may not be the best phone to have around school as the teachers will easily catch you! If you can be responsibile and not use it during class that should not be a problem. I also love the accessories available for the iPhone 6 plus. It is such a great phone and there are so many cases for it, its so customizable! As a user I would recommend getting a glass screen protector to protect your phone. The screen is so big that it can be easily damaged. Personally the screen protector I got was one from gorilla glass and I really recommend that one as it is high quality and will certainly protect the iPhone. So far I really can not say anything bad about the iPhone 6 plus. The only downside is the cost which is a little on the high side as with all Apple devices. If you shopping for a new phone I really suggest looking at the iPhone 6 plus as it will not disappoint you.

Aman Tomar

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