Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Logic: Under Pressure Album Review

Logic: Under Pressure Album Review

Robert Hall, better known as the Maryland-based rapper Logic, has been on the rise for a couple of years now. Ever since the first Young Sinatra mixtape, his fans have yearned for more. With his commercial debut Under Pressure, Logic gave fans everything they could have hoped for-and then some, as he poured out his soul into this album. In his song Nikki, he discusses his addiction with nicotine. Later, he talks about his relationship with his crack-addicted father in the second half of the title track, Under Pressure. His soul searching is refreshing, as rap has become incredibly superficial with the majority of rappers writing verses about going to the club or doing drugs. Rapping about real things makes him special, as his storytelling at some points in the album makes him seem like a young Eminem. However, as Logic delves into his issues on the album, he does not lose touch with the things that made him such an admirable artist to start. His lyrical skill continues to shine through with verses like the speedy lines at the end of the Bounce. Also, his clever beat production continues, as he turned an intricate guitar solo into an entire beat in the title track, while he used a series of beat drops in Bounce to create a hip and fun track to dance to. Overall, this album was a pleasure, and I definitely recommend the album to any lover of great rap.

Aditya Nadkarni

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