Friday, November 21, 2014

PS4 or Xbox One?

PS4 or Xbox One
With black Friday soon approaching many of us gamers are looking to buy the flagship consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.  With both the PS4 and Xbox One having been released for a year, the decision of which one to buy is difficult. Both consoles are great and are legendary in the gaming industry.  Personally I think cost is going to play a big factor into which console someone will buy. The PS4 is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. But you have to realize the Xbox One comes with the Kinect system which is why the price is higher.  With black Friday these prices may go down since the consoles have been out for a while.  When I had the opportunity to test both consoles I really did like both. The only thing that I liked better was the PS4 controller and that is what made me like the PS4 better ultimately. Now that may be a bit biased as I own a PS3 and am familiar with the layout of the controller while the Xbox controller is very new to me.  It brings me to the second most important factor. Most likely if someone owns an Xbox 360 they will stick with the Microsoft gaming console family. Just as if someone owns a PS3 most likely they will buy a PS4. This is usually to you being used to how the consoles relate to each other throughout the different generations.   Call us fan boys but we really love our consoles and stay loyal to them!  Now whichever console you buy is totally up to you, but you should actually test them both out just to see what you like. Do not get a console just because you heard that everyone is buying that one.  Personally I really want the PS4 but when I realized I would have to pay to play online I decided just to stick with the good old PS3! Hope you make your decision wisely when buying and enjoy the holiday shopping season!

Aman Tomar

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