Friday, November 21, 2014

Decisions: A Poem by Ananya S.

It’s coming.
Run, run through the forest
As fast as you can go.
Just don’t get caught.
You must keep moving
Or it will catch you
And trap you forever
In the palm of its hand.
But be warned for ahead of you lies
A fork in the road.
One path leads to safety eternal,
Another betrays the wanderer,
A third path never ends
And always keeps you running.
One path is covered with flower petals
And beckons with birdsong and light.
Another path lies shrouded in mist and darkness,
Gloomy, forbidding, and daunting.
The last path appears simple and plain
With dirt, shrubs, and small animals.
But who knows if light ends in dark
Or if the darkness ends in light?
What appears simple could be more complex,
For looks can be deceiving.
Or maybe they aren’t after all;
Maybe light will lead to light
But no one knows the right path,
And no one can be sure.
The decision is yours.
You can never turn back, so –

Choose wisely.

~Ananya Swaminathan

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