Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amazon Fire review by Srikar Ayyalsomayajula

Looking for a new smartphone? Well, here's the new Amazon Fire! This phone has a 13MP camera in the rear, and a 2.1MP camera in the front to fit all of your selfie needs! But the camera isn't the reason I want it. I want it because this is the only phone with Amazon's newest dynamic perspective. Just tilt, swivel, and peek your phone to scroll pages and view notifications. The best part is, you can use it fully with one hand! This phone also comes with Amazon Firefly. This can be activated with the dedicated camera button on the side. With firefly, you can take a picture of a book, record a portion of a song, or record a movie dialogue, and the phone will take you to the Amazon site to buy it. This can be both good and bad. The good part is, you'll know exactly what that tune is you hear on the radio. The bad part is that the button comes off as a sort of scheme to buy more things from Amazon. You can also find the Mayday button that was on the Kindle Fire. This button calls an Amazon employee to help you when needed. This is a good idea for people who have absolutely no experience with technology. But for me, it just seems lazy. I like to figure things out myself. With Dolby Digital Plus sound,  the audio is very good quality. The Kindle store has lots of apps that you can find on the Play store as well. This phone is only compatible with AT&T for now, but I can imagine it to be with many other service providers in the future. Plus, it comes with one whole year of Amazon Prime. So, I guess this phone is a fresh new idea in the market. The Fire is available at    

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