Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Lively Flower by Shruti R. Patel

A Lively Flower
I am a blossoming soul of nature. My petals are smooth like silk, soft like cotton, and sparkly like a jewel. They hang from my stem, curved a little on the edges. I burst out with spectacular colors of deep and rich shade. I look beautiful in vases, bouquets, and garlands. My attractiveness, filled with magnificence makes people admire me. I am a queen of beauty that spreads its uniqueness across the world. I start as a sprout and grow higher each day towards the sun. When the sun awakes, I take a shower in its splendid rays. When the rain gently falls down from heaven, I start to blossom, growing tall and elegant from the ground. I am a precious miracle of life – a gift to the earth. I am occupied with full of fragrance. Sniff the air around me; I release a sweet smell from my delicate and fragile petals. I sway in the wind, dandling and whirling up and down. The arriving breeze envelopes me, making me dance freely. My personality is so capturing and captivating. I am a sunshine that brings a radiant smile on everyone’s face, producing an amusing feeling of pleasure and bringing a splash of life. Thus, I am a symbol of love and life. I am a character of hope, purity, and wisdom. Indeed, I am a lovely golden treasure that everyone admires.

~ Shruti R. Patel

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