Thursday, June 26, 2014

Divergent: The book or the movie? by Kashish Bhatia

Kashish Bhatia
The Book or the Movie?
Imagine you are living in a world with five factions, where each one represented the smart, brave, kind, selfless, or honest people. That is precisely what the book and movie "Divergent", by Veronica Roth, is about. Tris Prior has to choose which faction to live in, and face the challenges that come with it. The book is very different from the movie. The narration, characters, and events in the plot all vary from the movie. The presence of the characters, plot, and the change in narration, all make the book more intriguing.

"Divergent" is a story based on the life of Tris Prior. Because she is the main character, the book's narration is mostly a monologue. This helps the readers to understand and feel the main character's thoughts and feelings. However, in the movie, the dialogue between the characters does not reveal all the characters emotions and feelings. This change made the movie less exciting, while the book was able to portray all the characters emotions and feelings. Readers of the book could relate to the characters because of the choice in narration.

Characters create any book or movie to come alive. By their actions and dialogues, they spark the interest inside an audience. Without certain characters, a book or movie can become dull and boring. In the book "Divergent," the character Uriah was a good friend of Tris, and often helped her face certain challenges. However, the character of Uriah was not in the movie, and his place was substituted by a different character. Also, one of Tris' enemies, Drew, was not in the movie. In the book, he created problems for Tris, so that she would not pass initiation. In the movie, however, Drew was not present, and therefore many scenes from the book that included Drew were missing in the movie, which forced the movie to be less interesting.

Many people prefer a book over a movie. Why is that? This is because a book has the complete story line of a plot. However, most movies refrain from including many scenes to keep the movie short and to the point. Likewise, many well liked and preferred scenes from the book were not present in the movie, which cut out to the interest of it. For example, the scene where Peter stabbed Edward in the eye because of their rivalry failed to show up in the movie. Also, the book showed Tris ranking first in initiation. The movie, however, showed her ranking last, barely passing. Many other minor details like these were also missing from the movie, which is why most people enjoyed the book more than the movie.

Overall, the story line of "Divergent" was the same in the book and the movie. In both, Tris meets and falls in love with Tobias Eaton, another main character. Also, in both movies, Jeanine Matthews tries to take control of everything, using simulations, but Tris and Tobias stop her. In my opinion, the book was better than the movie. It had all the characters necessary for bringing the book alive, it had a better narration than the movie and helped the reader feel and understand the characters and emotions, and it included all the scenes and details to make the reader enjoy the book.

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