Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Subconscious; thoughts and questions by Sanvi Mitra

Isn’t it awfully haunting that oftentimes, many of our actions and thoughts root from a part of our
brain that we aren’t aware of? The subconscious, as the name suggests, is extremely subjective.
From the mug that we placed in the trash instead of the dishwasher to the dream that had us
shaking in ecstasy and fear at the same time, the subconscious brings an aspect to our
everyday lives that is extremely phenomenal, yet unexplained. Especially when it comes to the
kaleidoscope of dreaming. 
There is a vast amount of types of dreams (eight to be specific), each with their own agenda.
Do they have functions? Mystically, yes. Scientifically, no. You know those dreams where you
are being chased, but you just can’t run fast enough? A nightmare, but not for everyone.
While some dreamers stay stuck in those scenes, some dreamers — lucid dreamers — are
aware that they are dreaming and can sometimes change the scene to something of their liking.
Convenient. For some people, such as myself, doing this is impossible. The loop of the dream
continues, and those mere minutes last like an agonizing infinity.
Which raises another question: in what temporal zone does time exist in our unconscious,
dreaming brain? It’s a question of great weight, heavy speculation, but no explicable or
accurate answer.  
There are dreams that feel like an eternity but perhaps only lasted three minutes, while some
dreams that felt hours long but perhaps only covered a few minutes in reality. It still remains
an unanswered question but isn’t the most trivial of all. Besides the different types of dreams
and the time trivia, another heavyweight question: How? 
Dreams come in so many different forms, but they all somehow relate to events that occurred
in real life. How does our brain manage to make a movie out of all of the things that have
been sitting in the backseat of our brain and present it to us in such a diverse and astonishing
Even though all these questions remain unanswered, the unconscious brain is definitely food
for thought. 

By Sanvi Mitra

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