Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Review by Ananya Singh of It by Stephen King

Book : It by Stephen King

It is a classic novel that everyone has at least heard of if not read. This piece of literature is one of Stephen King's most notable works and for good reason. Spanning 1,138 pages, this book follows the journey of seven young kids in Derry, Maine. The town has been terrorized by a clown named Pennywise who comes out of the sewer every 27 years. Together, the kids will have to face their greatest fear to get rid of Pennywise once and for all. The book follows the kids from their youth up until their adulthood.
I am a great fan of King’s other novels like The Shining so I knew this one wouldn’t disappoint. Not to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. One of my favorite aspects was the character development. As a reader, I got to understand each character and their backstories. They all had their own distinct characteristics, like Bill’s stuttering, that made them wildly different from the others. I got the opportunity to meet each of them as if I met them in real life. In addition, the writing style and certain events made the story more believable even though it is about a murderous clown living in the sewers. However, the most memorable aspect is the element of friendship that is seamlessly woven into the plot. King’s perfect use of words captures what it is like to be a kid, from the awkwardness to the excitement. The strong bond he creates between the group of kids in Derry is amazing.
In my opinion, there are not many negatives about this book. At points, King seemed to stretch out some scenes. Also, I will say that the end did disappoint me a bit but it did not hinder the entire experience. Why did I have this reaction, well, you can read the ending and judge it for yourself.
Not to mention, this book is not all about horror. It is also a coming of age story that all of us can relate to on some level. If this seems like your type of book, give it a try!

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