Saturday, February 22, 2020

A CREATURE OF FEAR Saanvi Kunisetty

Saanvi Kunisetty

According to Mom, I was to return home
Yet I reconsidered, and decided to roam
I ventured through the woods, preoccupied
When I heard a noise; I decided to hide

Louder the noise grew, and I became frightened
I tried to prevent any giveaways, as my face whitened

Soon the noise was too close, I would soon be prehistoric
I regressed to screaming- I wasn’t feeling euphoric

Then suddenly , a figure appeared
It soared above, knowing it was feared
With an abrupt swerve, it swooped down
When I saw what it was, I had a meltdown

For it wasn’t any creature to be scared of
It was just an owl from up above
I wondered how I feared a bird
As I journeyed home, I felt absurd

I went to Mom, and told her the story
She sat there, listening, in her dormitory
And finally, she told me something herself
There is nothing to fear but fear itself

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