Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross; review by Nora Abdelfattah

Name: Nora Abdelfattah
Grade: 10th
Tittle: The Queen's Rising

Author: Rebecca Ross
Rating: 4/5: Great novel
Romance, war, magic, passion: all rolled into a colorful, multi-flavored piece of literature.  What is this book, aside from interesting, vivid, creative, and downright thrilling? Empires and blood clash, and all falls into chaos around Brienna, a seventeen year-old girl seeking refuge in Magnalia house.  For the average girl in the realm, Brienna is quite a peculiar case. Lovers from two rival kingdoms: Maevana and Valenia, brought Brienna into the world. Now, the two empires are threatened by war. Adding to the boiling blood, Brienna’s father desires to hunt down his half-blooded daughter. For now,  the Magnelia house seems to be the safest place for Brienna to dwell. Amidst the turmoil, Brienna struggles to follow a fate of bloodline, or a fate of passion. Whichever path she chooses, adventure no doubt will follow.    
Hands down, The Queen Rising is AWESOME!  The beauty of this book is its description, plot, writing style, character arcs, intense lore, and so on.  It's a cleverly crafted storyline and universe which draws in and engages the audience..though some writing does tend to go over the top.. There is no novel like The Queen’s Rising.  It’s unique and different in so many ways, and its feel is almost impossible to describe in words. Mystifying, romantic, fiery: the novel is one of a kind.  

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