Friday, September 14, 2018

Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Champion, reviewed by Vanditha Krishnan

Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Champion
reviewed by Vanditha Krishnan        

There are few novels that are heartbreaking yet beautiful at the same time. A tale of opportunity, love at first sight, and music, Lindsay Champion has outdone herself with her standalone debut Someday, Somewhere. This novel is just one of those rare books you cannot seem to put down.

Someday, Somewhere starts off by introducing Dominique and Ben, two teenagers with completely different lives that intertwine at one single moment. Dominique is a second-generation resident in one of New Jersey’s poorest areas, Trenton. She works long hours at her mother’s failing laundromat business while managing school, but hopes for much more in the future. On a class trip to Carnegie Hall, Dominique listens to a young violinist, Ben, whom she is immediately attracted to. Dominique believes that Ben’s life is perfect, due to his financial situation and privilege, but little does she know that he has a multitude of struggles he deals with as well. After many awkward conversations and frequent visits to New York City, Ben and Dominique fall in love. However, both of the characters find that they are keeping secrets from each other.

I loved reading this novel. The pace was perfect, and it was not as cheesy as other contemporary novels are. The dual perspectives in Someday, Somewhereenhanced the plotline even more. There were a few moments where I was frustrated at Dominique, especially for some of her actions, but by the end of the book, I realized that her flaws made her a better person. I was able to relate to the story much more than I realized, and the characters felt real to me. One thing I wish was done differently was the insta-love. I found it odd that Dominique and Ben seemed to immediately fall for each other. In my opinion, the beginning of the story could have been extended a bit further.

I would give this book 4 stars out of 5, only because of my uncertainty towards the beginning. Readers with an interest in music would especially appreciate Lindsay Champion’s interpretation of love at first sight. I would definitely recommend this novel to other teens, and I hope to read many more books by the same author.

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