Friday, September 14, 2018

Devils Unto Dust by Emma Berquist; review by Sourabh Anumolu

Book: Devils Unto Dust                     
Author: Emma Berquist

Name: Sourabh Anumolu

Willie Wilcox lives in a old town named Glory with her three siblings who she takes care of. Her mother died to disease while her father is a gambler who is not home often.  Glory is run by a corrupt judge who cares more about money than the welfare of people. Willie must protect her siblings from any harm including shakes (bloodthirsty, mindless zombies) which are common in the dessert. However problems arise for Willie when her  father steals a large amount of money from McAllister who is a shake hunter,  leaving her to pay it off. With only having a week of time to pay if off, and the threat of safety to her siblings, she hires two hunters to travel to Best to find her father and bring him home. Willie and the two hunters set off to find Willie’s father when, Micah, Willie’s younger brother and Sam, Micah’s friend tag along. Over the course of the journey, the group encounters many groups of shakes posing a big danger to any one of them if they are bitten or infected. They manage to get to Best, and find her father after searching for a long period of time. They start to head home when they are attacked by a large group of shakes leading to the loss of a important member of the group and with Willie being left behind. However the hunters and Sam return to bring Willie home because it is the hunters job to fulfill their contract. They manage to get home, and solve the debt by telling McAllister that her father is dead.

I enjoyed reading this book because the plot featured a variety of genres like horror, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic. The plot had many important events one after another, and even if the reader thought it was going to end, it still continued. In addition, the book has a interesting backstory which made the reader want to continue reading to find out because the author did not give the whole backstory in one part of the book but instead gave it in certain parts where there suspense and tension making the book better. Overall the book was well written compared to other books because of how of the plot was set up , and that there a overall feeling of suspense and tension to keep the reader on the edge and to keep them engaged.

Rating: 4/5

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