Saturday, August 4, 2018

Racism Forces German Soccer Player Into Retirement by Sam DeCoste

Racism Forces German Soccer Player Into Retirement

Just over a month ago, Germany were eliminated in the World Cup in the first round for the first time since 1938. The Germans were uncharacteristically uncreative, predictable, and slow. In terms of whose to blame for their failure, the finger can be pointed in many different directions, but not necessarily towards one scapegoat.
Last week, German international star, Mesut Özil, retired from the German national soccer team at age 29, after scoring 23 goals in 92 appearances, and winning the World Cup in 2014. Özil posted a statement on social media, citing racism and disrespect towards him over the years. It should be noted that Özil is Turkish born, but a German citizen. Despite Özil's contribution and loyalty towards Germany, it is strange how the public and the media have discriminated against him. Özil himself said in his statement, “When we win, I am German. When we lose, I am an immigrant.” He was raised in Germany, grew up watching the domestic Bundesliga, and he is a German citizen, but he was nonetheless born in Turkey.
It is truly a shame that one of the greatest players to wear the German kit is hanging his boots up early because of racism. Özil is criticized more than any other German player because he is not German born, and he is an easy scapegoat when things go wrong for Germany. But he committed to Germany when he decided to play for them instead of Turkey, and he helped them win a World Cup. The disrespect Özil has received is disgraceful, and hopefully, German fans come out to show him remorse and support through this difficult time, because Özil has felt isolated for so long already.

Sam DeCoste

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