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“Tips to Keep Your Life Organized” by Vanditha Krishnan

“Tips to Keep Your Life Organized”
by Vanditha Krishnan

Organization is definitely something that everyone needs in life. If you’re like me, then the need to organize is something you’ll feel every few minutes or so. Whether it’s rearranging the papers in your binder, or making a to-do list, or simply fixing everything back in place, organization is a skill that everyone should have.

You’re probably thinking, seriously? I’ve read enough articles and magazines about this -- organizing is boring and wastes my time. Besides, it’s hard!
Well, the tips on this post will definitely give you a reality-check to keep organizing. Try it out, and you should see a change in your life!

1. I know this is not necessarily organizing, but wake up early. This way you will feel refreshed throughout the day. Plus, this will help you in the long run -- read the next tip to understand how.

2. Create an ‘Accomplish List.’ Basically, as soon as you wake up, jot down a list of all the things you want to accomplish today. It could be as simple as ‘finish my homework’ or ‘make time for family.’ Therefore, rising earlier will cause you to create your list earlier.

3. Prioritize. I know, it sounds like something every parent or teacher would say. As much as I hate to admit, this is true. Get into the habit of ‘first things first’ and you’re ready to succeed!

4. Go one step at a time (unless you’re a really good multitasker). Now, if not blessed with an exceptional multitasking ability, you might find it helpful to go one step at a time. For instance, when you get back from school, don’t dump out all your homework and begin everything. Finish (in no particular order) your math, then that government packet, and then the physics lab.
5. Finish your homework as soon as you get home from school. Yup, it’s hard. But think about it this way: the faster you get your homework done, the more YouTube videos you can watch; the more time you get to hang out with friends.

6. Don’t procrastinate!!! This gets me so annoyed. Procrastinating is one of the worst habits you could possibly have. Putting things off for later causes you to a) forget your homework in the end, b) postpone even longer, or c) rush because you spent all of your time watching Friends (I understand that, though :D).

7. Code. Self-explanatory. Try to organize  your materials in color order, or size order, or by shapes, etc. Sort them out in bins or other storage boxes.

8. Make a calendar. Calendars are an easy way to keep track of the dates. You can easily buy one, but what’s the fun without making a simple DIY? Also, try to write down the dates of quizzes and exams beforehand, and give yourself three to four days to prepare.

9. Prepare beforehand. Going similar to Tip #8, knowing when assignments are due, or when tests are given, or simply when your friend’s birthday is (if you forgot) is useful. Especially when your friends demands a card and you don’t have one yet.

10. Stay prepared. This is not like Tip #9. Staying prepared is when your teacher randomly announces a pop quiz or a book report that’s due in two days. Constantly refresh your memory so that you have information in your head, not in your notebook.

11. Study tools! Flashcards, study guides, Quizlets, presentations, or simply notes are easy ways to ace that hard test. Don’t memorize the facts, rather learn them by reading over and over again, coming up with a song, or any other method that will keep the information etched in your memory. Oh, and make sure you give yourself a couple of days (usually 3-4) in order to prepare.

12. Enjoy yourself! Last but not least, enjoy yourself. Give yourself a few minutes every day to rewind and relax. Maybe have a spoonful (okay, a LARGE spoonful) of ice cream, or a slice of pizza, anything to reward your hard work. Remember that life isn’t all about stress and grades. Pushing yourself is some- thing you should do, however, don’t strive for perfection -- strive for progress.

Organization, to sum up, will surely help you become a better person mentally, and emotionally. Save some time at the end of your days to relax, and make the best use of your time. You’ll live a less stressful and chaotic life, which is especially important in high school. Remember, enjoy while you can!

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