Saturday, May 13, 2017

Staying Focused During the Last Months of School By: Aleena Khan

Staying Focused During the Last Months of School
By: Aleena Khan
Since summer vacation is just around the corner, I thought I could give some tips on how to stay focused during your last few months in school. Many students tend to stop trying in the last few months, or have no motivation to as all they envision is summer. Here are some tips you should follow to keep yourself motivated in these last few months.

1.Relax during the summer, not before.
You just keep summer vacation as a motivation to work harder. After you work hard during these last few months, summer vacation should come as a reward. Don’t shut down your brain or slack off close to summer because these grades count just as much as your grades in the beginning or middle of the year. Also, most teachers give some of their most important tests and projects during this time.

2. Focus on other things
Instead of stressing over finals, you should focus on the exciting things that will happen in the end of the school year including graduations and pep rallies. Be excited for memorial day weekend and for the chance to spend time outside with your family in the great weather.

3. Do not stress over finals!
Be aware that finals are near, but do not worry about them all the time. If you give yourself plenty of time to study and plan out the material to study you should be fine. Also, stay caution of the exam dates so you are prepared.

4.Take time to Reflect on the School Year

Take this time to reflect on how you grew, how you changed, and what you learned. Everyone has grown, and we should acknowledge that. Also, take the time to plan out more activities during the summertime so you can learn and grow more; and start the new school year off fresh.

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