Saturday, April 15, 2017

Project Soli by Karthik Sankar

Project Soli
What is Project Soli? It's an idea that Google launched back in 2015. It uses miniature radar to track the human hand. The cool part is that you don't need to touch anything to use it. This makes it ideal for new technologies like smart watches and other wearables.

We haven't heard much from Google about it. They seem to be very secretive about the project. Either they have given up on the idea or a very big product launch soon let's hope for the latter.

In my opinion, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has made one of the most amazing input devices ever. It’s a big claim so here is why:
  • It is super small. It can fit in the smallest electronics and save space in larger ones.
  • There are no moving parts. This makes it extremely robust and will let it last for a long time.
  • You ONLY use your hand. If you want to press a button, you press your index and thumb together. To spin a dial you slide the two fingers against each other. This means there is no learning curve.
  • You don’t have to touch anything. This will result in a cleaner environment since you don’t have to touch the devices you want to use.
  • It can work inside completely solid objects. In theory, even your table could take input from your hand
  • Their are rumors that Soil can also detect and identify objects by analyzing their internal structure. This means you could hold a small object up to the device and i could figure out exactly what you were holding.
  • It doesn’t use light so it works just as well in the dark.

In conclusion

Project Soli is an amazing project and I can’t wait for companies to begin using it in their products!

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