Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Raw, By Hana Malik Book Review by Aleena Khan

Aleena Khan

Raw, By Hana Malik
Book Review

    I stumbled across this short, but powerful poetry book a couple of months ago. It was written by Hana Malik, a NYC-based visual artist who has a passion for writing and expressing individualism. Raw is  a short collection of poetry written to display thoughts on concepts such as self-love, forgiveness, survival and cultural identity. I loved this book because it was short, but very powerful. It's a great book to just have on your nightstand and to browse through if you are having a bad day. The book put the everyday struggles into short and sweet phrases that were easy to understand; I recommend this book if you are getting into poetry and yearn for a beautiful read. I really loved each word of the poems and it really spoke to me. Here are two of my favorite poems:

Too add, I love the simplicity of this book; how every page is black and white with no color. Therefore, the name Raw.

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