Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Movie Review for Now You See Me By Rav Kaur

Movie Review for Now You See Me
By Rav Kaur

            Looking for a bit of excitement, thrill, suspense, and mystery with a taste of magic? Then Now You See Me is the movie for you.

Four magicians, with no connection whatsoever, brought together by an unknown source and asked to perform together. All specialize in different things, such as card tricks and hypnotism, but all of them excel at deception. Performing on a big stage, they perform a magic trick, and steal an enormous amount of money from a foreign bank in Europe. How did they do it? Well, a magician never reveals their secrets. However, the FBI is after them, as they committed a grand heist with everyone watching, and managed to get away with it. Their shows lead up to the grand finale, where they will perform the trick of the century. Their shows and tricks are all being planned by an unknown person, a member of the mysterious organization called The Eye. However, with the FBI after them, and a magician debunker out to get them, will they be able to pull it off? Watch Now You See Me to find out!   

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