Thursday, December 22, 2016

5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating By Rav Kaur

5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
By Rav Kaur
I don’t know about you, but I definitely have trouble completing my homework early and getting it out of the way. I am in high school and a part of the marching band, so it feels like all of my time is taken up, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my time doing my homework. If any of you relate, and do extracurricular activities that take up your time, or if you simply do not like homework, then please read ahead!

1.    One simple way to stay calm and stop procrastination is write down all of the assignments you have due. Writing things down can help you realize how much homework is due, and what is due when. Writing things down can really help you understand that not as much as you thought is due.
2.    Another way to stop procrastinating is to set up a schedule. Figure out when you are busy and set a schedule to do your homework. Try to set up a time for homework that gets it done early, but also doesn’t overload you with all of your homework all on one day.
3.    Give yourself 5-10 minute breaks in between homework. Doing all of it without stopping makes you want to stop in the middle and just not do it at all. Maybe do math first, then a break, then english, then a break, etc. If your homework for one subject is long, do half of it, take a break, then the other half. But make sure you don’t extend your break for more than 10 minutes, otherwise you will get distracted.
4.    Prioritize your assignments. If something is due before something else, do the assignment that is due first, while also working on the other one, but make sure to do more of the one due first. If you have an essay due in a week, but your math homework due in a 2 days, finish the math first, then start the essay. But make sure to start the essay early.

5.    Start long term assignments/projects early. If a project is given to you a month before it’s due, start it early. Do a little bit each day, and when you have extra time, do more of it. If you wait until the day before to do it, you will be staying up all night and be very tired, and the project will not be the best it could be. 

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