Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Miss Telall article 6/7/16

Attention SBPL readers, it’s your own advice columnist- Miss Telall with two more entries. Having an issue or just want to talk? She’s always up to offer advice, so be sure to email her at, and check the SPBL blog for a reply addressing your problem. All entries are always ANONYMOUS, and no problem is too big or too embarrassing for Miss Telall to tackle!

Dear Miss Telall,

      I know prom is over and all, so I lost my chance during Junior Prom, but I really wish I could’ve gone. I didn’t have a date and all my friends seemed to have plans so I said that I didn’t really want to go, but it sounded fun! I just didn’t want to be the wallflower all dressed up with no date. What am I going to do for Senior Prom? I know I’ll end up in the same position…

             Dancing Alone
Dear Dancing Alone,

      What I’m about to say applies for all dances- do NOT think that just because you missed one, you’re going to miss them all!

      I’ll let you in on a little secret… I didn’t go to MY Junior Prom! Shocker?? Not really- don’t hinge your self worth on one measly dance. You’re NOT somehow “uncool” because you didn’t show up somewhere!

      Now, if you do want to go to a dance, note that you aren’t only allowed to go if you have a date: you have every right to get out on the dance floor and have a great time with friends, or by your fabulous self. Trust me, missing out on these memories just because you don’t have a dance is something you’ll grow to regret; often (in my experience), going with a bunch of friends is just as and often even more fun! So, when the next dance rolls along (and there will be another), grab a friend and go together! Be true to your desire and savor these special moments in life. Remember, you’re worth happiness, so think about yourself first, rather than what others “might think”. I’ll quote a cheesy line from a cheesy movie: “20 seconds of courage”. Take 20 seconds to say yes to yourself and what you want- 20 seconds of bravery free from social anxiety. You won’t regret it.

       Have Fun~ It’s Nobody Else’s Business!
                         Miss Telall
Dear Miss Telall,

      The summer’s coming- which is always a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but I have absolutely nothing to do! All of my friends seem to be on vacation and enjoying with their families… meanwhile, I’m stuck in SB the entire time. In all honesty, I have nothing planned and I just don’t want to lose the entire summer being unproductive, then struggle getting back into the school spirit. Help- I desperately need it!

                         Summer Fever  
Dear Summer Fever,

      The summer can be an exciting new time to explore your interests (academic included) and recharge for the upcoming school year. There’s plenty of opportunities to have fun in SB- who cares if you aren’t going on a cruise with your family? First off, the library has some awesome new events coming up for the summer. Check SBPL’s website to see if any new events are coming- and be sure to attend! If you’re looking to stimulate your mind and challenge yourself academically, participate in the summer reading program! You’ll not only improve your reading ability, but also have the chance to earn prizes, such as gift cards. It’s a no brainer.
If you’re interested in crafts, there are plenty of opportunities to stay busy. Search DIY crafts or browse through magazines to discover how to make cute room decor or crafts. Sometimes you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a different culture through arts and crafts.
If you’re looking for some extra cash or want to help make your local community even better, get a summer job or do volunteer work! There’s plenty of job and volunteer opportunities for teenagers if you know where to look. SBPL always has teen volunteer gigs for those who are looking for ways to put a smile on any librarian’s face. As for job opportunities, you could make money tutoring online ( or even start your own business. Get a few friends and open up your own venture, whether you’re providing lawn mowing services or babysitting.
SB’s a great place to be for this summer! Take the time to truly enrich your brain as well as your body this summer. You’ll thank yourself for it.
                     Miss Telall

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