Friday, January 8, 2016

Miss Telall 1/8/16

SBPL readers, it’s your own advice columnist- Miss Telall, presenting two more entries. Having issues or just want to talk? She’s always up to offer advice, so be sure to email her at, and check the SPBL blog for a reply addressing your problem. All entries are always ANONYMOUS, and no problem is too big or too embarrassing for Miss Telall to tackle!

Dear Miss Telall,

       Ok. I may have to do a bad thing. On our second to last day of school, we had a chem test, and I overheard my good friend talking to her other friend (who’d taken it already) about specific and complete questions on the test. They fully cheated on I’d say 6-7 questions. I was sitting at the lunch table feeling so awkward because, well, isn’t that wrong? Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve emailed my chem teacher about it, and asked to be anonymous, but now I feel like a bad friend! Everyone cheats a little, right? No, but cheating is always wrong.. Ugh, please help!

                         Friend or Fidelity?
Dear Friend or Fidelity,

        Unfortunately, the people we love sometimes do bad things- immoral things. In this situation, your relationship as a friend shouldn’t demand that you compromise your integrity. If your friendship does seem to require you leaving your moral code behind, it’s not healthy! In the end, you have to stick to what you know is right. If you do feel uncomfortable, you should anonymously report the cheating to your teacher.
        It may be hard to see it this way now, but reporting this cheating is part of your duty as a friend. Friends care for each other: so, as a friend, we shouldn’t allow another friend to engage in destructive and unfair behavior. In the long run, this will help your friends, as cruel as you feel it will be. Cheating is a serious issue that extends beyond just school life- catching it now and creating the necessary consequences will discourage future behavior, and nip the problem early. Further, it will make sure that the educational playing field is level. If another group of people had cheated on a test of yours, think of the anger you would feel, at being jipped! In the end, reporting the cheating is your duty as a friend, and as a moral student.

                                  Miss Telall
Dear Miss Telall,
       I am consistently harbored with vile emotions, and keep having one bad day after the next. It may have to do slightly with my diagnosis of depression, but I need ideas on how to lighten up and start feeling better. I can’t come home from school and feel like crying/dying every single day. I desperately need a way to recollect my emotions and look for the good in my life.

                         Rough Day Every Day
Dear Rough Day Every Day,
        For starters, aw, I’m extremely distraught to hear your current situation. I imagine it must be hell to wake up every morning for you, but not to fear, Miss Telall is here to fix that up for you. Remember that you’re loved and valued by so many people that care about you. You are an inspiration to your friends and family. It might seem like the end of the world, but it’s not. We always have second chances to succeed, and after the rain, there comes a rainbow.
Some coping devices that I encourage would be writing in your journal/entry, as ranting and scribbling away your feelings always helps to maintain calmness. Going for a run is recommended, as physical exercise is scientifically proven to boost one’s mood. Blasting up the speakers and listening to your favorite songs is another great idea. It is in your best interest to make a “happy” playlist, if you can.
Lastly, do something that helps the community or give someone a very sincere compliment. Volunteer at SBPL, donate to the food drive, help a neighbor with their groceries or a kid at your school to open his locker. It’s scientifically proven that helping others brings a better sense of compassion and makes us happier.
On a serious note, if you consistently have depressing thoughts and feelings, be sure to tell your parents. Sometimes medication is required to treat this illness, and doctors can know for sure if your depression is something you can work through or if you need medical help.

                                  Miss Telall

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