Friday, December 4, 2015

Upcoming Football Match between Jets and Giants Faiz Syed

Upcoming Football Match between Jets and Giants
Faiz Syed
            Sunday December 5 is an important date for football fans who support the local New York teams.  The Jets and Giants will play each other in a football match that takes place every four years.  From what I have observed, most of the football fans in the central New Jersey area support either the Jets or the Giants, and tensions between fans of both teams is common.  Tensions will be even higher prior to and after the match between these two New York teams.   Friends who support the other of the two teams will be found arguing with each other over who they think is going to win the match.
            I have watched both teams play this year, and from what I have seen, it seems as if the two teams should be an even match for each other.  In terms of their records, the Jets have one more win than the Giants, but they have both shared similar elements in their seasons.  Both teams have lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and both teams have also lost to the New England Patriots by just one possession.  Similar results against common opponents is a pretty good indicator that shows that the two teams play at the same level, and this will make the match between the two teams on Sunday even more fun to watch. 
            The New York Jets are coming into the match on Sunday after a victory over the Miami Dolphins.  The Jets dominated the game and should be coming into the game with confidence after their victory.  The Giants on the other hand, will be hosting the match coming off of a tough loss to the Washington Redskins.  The Giants will bring determination with them to the match, hoping not to lose again.  The Jets and Giants will both be looking for a win in the match on Sunday to keep their faint playoff hopes alive, and this game will be a turning point in the season for both teams.

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