Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Your Music Describes You Written by: Sneha Narayanan

Your Music Describes You
Written by: Sneha Narayanan

Music helps you relax subconsciously. After facing the reality of life, just kicking back and listening to your favorite songs helps you return back to your true self, not the person the society changed you into that day. School and work makes a lot of people stressed, tired, and even frustrated, myself included. However, when I sit in the bus and put those earbuds in my ears, I slowly relax, finally, enjoying my day. Music is my companion, When I am home alone, music keeps me safe. I don’t think there is one day that goes by for me without a source of music going in my ears. There isn’t one type of music that I listen to. I listen to a variety of songs that inspire different parts of me and makes me be who I am. Music has incorporated itself into my life, making me who I am as a person.

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