Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Refugee Crisis: The March Towards Freedom Samhitha Balaji

Refugee Crisis: The March Towards Freedom
Samhitha Balaji

            Hundreds… Thousands… Millions of people escaping Syria and its ruler, President Bashar al-Assad. They go in all directions, looking for a new place to live.

This problem started with the Syrian war, in which ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) began to fight the rebel militaries and hurt the innocent citizens. Since then, ISIS and the president have used chemical weapons (poisonous chlorine gas) against the Syrians in the country. During this problem, 200,000 people have passed away, 8 million are displaced around the country, and 4 million have run to camps. The camps have been set up in countries that border Syria like, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. But now, there is one small problem… an overflow of refugees.

The refugees scatter all over Europe, looking for a place to stay. Countries all over have agreed to fight and help throughout the crisis. President Francois of France and Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain have agree to take in over 20,000 refugees each over the years. This generous act is helping thousands who are escaping, but it doesn’t size to the actions Germany is taking. The country has decided to help a half a million refugees each year, and pledge billions of dollars towards solving the problem. Just a while ago, citizens had lined up their own shoes to give to the refugees who had ran (on foot) from Syria. Austria and Sweden have also shown extreme generosity in assisting the refugees. All over Europe, there is help and acceptance.

Not only are these countries helping, the U.N is working to feed and support these escapees. The U.N has set up camps for the refugees in countries bordering Syria, so they can stay safe until help arrives. The United States is taking in 100,000 and more refugees each year and providing them with support to live. Centers have been set up for assistance, but the goals of the refugees are to get to Germany. All the countries are pitching in to rescue these people as they march away from the terror in their old homes.
The way I see it, the countries have become one in order to help the people. Although they are taking enormous steps to assist the refugees, I feel that they should take bigger steps to end the war once and for all. We should be able to help these countries provide for the refugees. To make a donation, we can go to and help support the famlies that have lost their homes. We can all take small actions to aid these refugees. Let’s join the U.N and work to find a solution to the refugee crisis.

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