Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hershey Park Review by Chandu Singathi

Hershey Park Review by Chandu Singathi

In the midst of all that fun you’ll be having at the great land of Hershey Park, you might start to get hungry.  Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to waste too much time trying to find quick-served, healthy food at a nearby restaurant.  Search for a few seconds on the map of the park and you will instantly spot Hershey’s very own… Tidal Force Catering!  As you approach the entrance, don’t worry about what to do next, because you will be escorted by the kind workers there, and they will show you where to go.  The delicious classic American-styled food will be waiting for you at the buffet once you enter the pavilion.  Everything is there!  Fresh salad, delicious burgers, and even tasty macaroni & cheese.  Also, if you have allergies, you don’t have to be concerned because if you simply inform the workers, then they will help you enjoy an alternative meal.  After a filling, nutritious lunch, you can savor some delightful desserts such as yummy icecream bars, flavored popsicles, icy cold drinks, and, of course, a Hershey’s bar!  I mean, after all, the awesome candy is your main reason for coming!  But don’t stuff yourselves too much because you still have rides to enjoy!

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