Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fast and Furious 2 Movie Review by Josh Liao

Fast and Furious 2 Movie Review

                While waiting for the newest edition of the series to come out on DVD, I recently went back and watched one of the original installments of the series. This movie is where the roots of the series was developed. When Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are added to the cast during later movies, the themes of the movie plots shift from the high octane races that made the series famous to more of a GI Joe heroic type. That is why I recommend this movie. Brian O'Connor, a good cop who made a bad decision, is on the run from authorities after assisting a criminal. To survive, he travels across the United States, entering in races and winning them for their money. However, one night after a race, he is finally caught. Brian is then offered a deal: go to prison or help the FBI take down one of Miami's biggest millionaires in exchange for a clean record and a new start. Brian takes the latter and goes undercover with one of his childhood friends, both posing as couriers for millionaire Carter Verone to deliver money. This is when the fun begins. Brian and his partner Roman Pierce are pressured by FBI to take down Carter as he makes a million-dollar dollar delivery across the country. The only problem is, they are the ones supposed to make the delivery in their newly acquired jobs as couriers. The FBI cannot take down Carter unless they have proof that he transferred the money across the country. If Brian and Roman stay, the FBI will send them for prison for not helping them take down Carter. If they make the drive, they find out that Carter will kill them as soon as they arrive with the money. The film is most hilarious while in its most serious moments. A couple of incredible car stunts are pulled off that will make your draw absolutely drop. Brian and Roman develop a trust in each other that survives numerous life-threatening situations and is the basis for story's climax. It's an exciting film with nonstop action that I recommend for others to watch.         

Josh Liao

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