Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Review of the False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen by Sulphia Iqbal

Book Review of the False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen
Book one of the Ascendance Trilogy .

The book, False Prince ,  is the start of a whole journey in Sage’s world. This book is filled with danger, action, and most importantly, using wits. When one chapter was over, I was literally craving for more and staying up very late to finish the book.
The Kingdom of Carthya will soon be involved in a Civil War. Sage is fourteen year old orphan with only plans to steal roast from a local butcher. Conner, a patriot and nobleman of the court , is retrieving orphans from different orphanages who resemble the long-lost Prince of Carthya, with plans to save the kingdom. Conner retrieves Sage along with other boys, including Tobias and Roden. Conner alone knows that the Royal Family has been murdered and fears that when the news spreads afar, his enemy Prime Regent Vandergraaf will find out and take power. To prevent this, he plans to put a fraud on the throne who looks exactly like the long-lost Prince Jaron, who is the rightful heir to the throne and has been missing for years after a pirate attack. For the next few weeks, Sage,Roden, and Tobias fight for the position as Conner choice . Unlike Tobias with his brains and Roden with his strength , Sage fails at every test. The only thing he has in common with Jaron is his appearance.  So who will the False Prince be? Will it be Sage with his vague similarity in appearance, Roden with his strength, or Tobias with brains? You can read the rest in the False Prince.

Sulphia Iqbal

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