Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top 5 Things That I Have Learned As A Freshman Part 2 by Rohith Kariveda

Hey, you can never get enough advice, can you? After thinking about the last article I posted, I realized that I had a couple more tips and tricks that might help rising 9th graders. Below are three more tips that would have helped me if I had known them when starting high school:

Top 5 Things That I Have Learned As A Freshman Part 2

Make time for friends - With all the work, clubs, and sports that you will have, it may seem increasingly difficult to make time for you friends. However, don't let anything get in the way between you and your friends. When school starts, you will see many new faces; making new friends in the beginning of the year will help you get used to the environment and workload. Trust me, when you have 50 other friends to complain with, writing a 10 page government essay won't seem as daunting.

Have a long term vision - One thing that I didn't understand in the beginning of the year was how to create a long term vision. If you want to succeed in the high school, you should start thinking about goals that you would like to accomplish in the future. I don't mean anything like deciding your career or beginning your college application - rather, I mean things like making a varsity sports team or being part of a club. Some things in high school can't be accomplished overnight - these goals that take years to accomplish will be the ones that are the most fulfilling and exciting when you achieve.

Balance! - You'll quickly find yourself under a pile of school work. Wait a couple of weeks, and you will want to choose from a selection of about 50 clubs to join. On top of that, you will find that your sports tryouts are approaching fast. And even with all this, you want to hang out with your friends on Saturday. In high school, this situation may seem desperate; however, the kids who manage to balance all of these activities will soon rise to the top.Try not to quit something if you feel you cannot do it; rather, see if you can plan out your time so that you can complete all your work and still do the things you love.

Although some of the information above may not apply to you, everyone can always benefit from a little bit of advice. After all, not everyone can make every mistake: make sure to take these tips and apply them next year so that you rising freshman can succeed in high school!

By: Rohith Kariveda

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