Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Movie Review for Pitch Perfect 2 by Ravjit Kaur

Movie Review for Pitch Perfect 2
by Ravjit Kaur

The Bellas are back! They are invited to perform specially for President Obama’s birthday, but Fat Amy accidentally ruins the whole show. Their reputation is ruined.

It’s the beginning of a new school year at Barden University, and the Bellas have received shocking news. The school has placed restrictions on the acapella group. They are not allowed to take new members into the group and cannot compete, but they are allowed to go to the World Championships. But, when a freshman shows up to audition for them, they can’t say no. The Bellas are practicing, but with Beca hiding the internship she got, and the new girl in their group, things aren’t going as planned. The Bellas are introduced to their main competition in the World Championships, a German acapella group called Das Auto Machine(DSM). DSM has super tall, good looking singers with strong voices, and things aren’t looking good for the Bellas. At a little singing show down, the Bellas lose to DSM because of Emily, the new addition to their group. Is the new girl good enough? Meanwhile, Beca has inspired some new music ideas at her internship, but her boss won’t take her seriously. With all the added stress, the girls decide to take a vacation to visit Chloe, an old member of the Bellas. With the group reunited, they realize what has been keeping them from singing well, and they regain their confidence. The big day arrives, and DSM is up against the Bellas. DSM may be intimidating, but the Bellas have a surprise. When it comes down to the final minutes, will the Bellas give in to nerves, or will they take home the trophy? Find out when you watch Pitch Perfect 2!

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