Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Emotions by Ananya S.


Joy is the chocolate that melts in your mouth,
As you snuggle under a soft, woolly blanket,
The smooth, white pages of a book you have
Waited to read, crinkling as you turn them.

Sorrow is the ice cream that falls on the pavement
Not even two minutes after you’ve bought it,
Leaving you with a promise, an expectation
Of creamy sweetness, shattered in an instant.

Fear is the closet door, left open just a crack,
The large, hairy spider that sneaks up a wall,
The light that flickers even when the switch says “OFF,”
The dark, lonely spaces of great unknowns.

Love is a cozy cottage surrounded by snow,
Underneath the velvety sky dotted with stars,
A wisp of smoke trailing out of the chimney,
And a single lit window, to guide you home.

by Ananya S

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