Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 Helpful Tips-How to Get Ready for School the Fast Way by Ravjit Kaur

5  Helpful Tips - How to Get Ready For School The Fast Way
by Ravjit Kaur

1.   Get everything ready the night before: If you pack your bag, take out your clothes, find all your makeup(if you wear any) and pack your lunch the night before, it saves a lot of time. Then you won’t have to go hunting for your things in the morning, and missing the bus because you couldn’t find your homework or something important.
2.   Set your alarm 15 minutes before the time you want to wake up at: Setting your alarm earlier will make you feel like you got to sleep in, and you will feel a little bit better rested. The alarm will go off, and it will trick your brain into thinking that you get 15 extra minutes to sleep, when you’re really just getting the same amount of sleep as you did before. You will feel ready to face the day! :)
3.   Take a quick, cold shower: I know, long hot showers are the best. But, if anything, hot showers make you even more sleepy. A quick cold shower helps you wake up. You may not like it, but your body will thank you later in the day when you don’t fall asleep during math.
4.   Eat a quick but nutritious breakfast: Everybody loves their delicious bacon and eggs, but maybe save that for another day when you’re not under a time crunch. A glass of milk and a granola bar is a quick, easy breakfast, and it also will keep you full until lunchtime. Don’t try sitting down to a 3 course meal when you have 10 minutes left to catch the bus.

5.   Don’t check your phone while getting ready: Believe it or not, this is probably the most important rule. Checking your phone while getting ready for school wastes the most time. We all have that urge to sit down for a couple minutes and scroll through our Instagram feed or text our friends, but you think you sat for a few minutes, when in reality, it’s time for the bus to arrive and you still haven’t taken a shower. If you have extra time after getting ready, that’s the time to check your phone. The Dark Side does have cookies, but the thought of the wrath of your parents because you missed the bus should be enough to keep you from checking your phone. 

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